Twitter – Making Money Quick in Just Minutes a Day

You are reading this because you have likely just come across Twitter, or you’ve heard of it but are not really sure what it is or how to use it.

In this article you will learn:

o What is Twitter?

o What is micro-blogging?

o Why is it so successful?

o How to use Twitter to double your income in minutes a day

o The really important DO’s of Twitter

o The even more important DON’Ts of Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is the world’s preeminent “micro-blogging” social networking website. It was launched in March 2006. Even though it is so new, it has skyrocketed to dominance and is considered by many to be equal in importance to Facebook!

It is a social networking platform in which people invite you to follow them. Here’s an example. Let’s say a friend of yours, Albert, invites you, Bill, to follow him on Twitter. You may accept him (by clicking on the ACCEPT button) or you may reject that offer (by clicking on the BLOCK button).

You might block:

o People you do not know

o People you do not like

o People whose culture or morals do not fit with yours (like blocking porn stars)

Even if you accept someone, you could later block that person if, for example, you realize that they just want to sell and are not on Twitter for the true social networking ideals.

In this example, let’s say that Bill accepts Albert’s invitation. Now, Albert has one Follower (or one more Follower) and Bill now is Following Albert. Bill is now in the Twitter system and can invite Carol to follow him. You get onto Twitter by invitation because you must follow someone. In this way, a community is built. Albert has his community of those he follows and those who follow him. And, it is the same for Bill, and for Carol, and for the millions who are on this platform.

Twitter Popularized The “Micro-Blog”

Emails can be as long as you wish, with attachments as huge as you wish. Blog posts can be as long as you wish. Articles are limited to a maximum of about 1,500 words. But, comments posted on Twitter are limited to 140 characters – even including spaces!

In this era of speed in which no one seems to have any time, Twitter popularized updating your friends and sending text-based Direct Messages (called DMs) using only 140 characters. Here’s one I just posted today:

“I’m sitting in my hotel room in Gold Coast Australia writing an ezine article on Twitter.”

That’s 89 characters including spaces and punctuation. I could stop there, or add more. How do I know it’s 89? Because Twitter automatically counts down for me and displays that I had 51 characters to go. So, I kept going.

“I’m sitting in my hotel room in Gold Coast Australia writing an ezine article on Twitter. Though I live in Canada, I’m here giving a speech for World Internet Summit.”

Now I am at 167 characters. But, I’m allowed only 140. Twitter’s counter (now red) shows me at -27. That means I need to eliminate at least 27 characters. I realize that the comment “Though I live in Canada” is not too important because my Twitter followers likely know that. So here is my next attempt:

“I’m sitting in my hotel room in Gold Coast Australia writing an ezine article on Twitter. I’m here giving a speech for World Internet Summit.”

That brings me down to -3. I’m almost there. So, I delete one of the spaces between my two sentences. I’m at -2. Then, I delete the entire word “sitting” and I’m done. I hit the UPDATE button and my dozens or thousands of Twitter Followers know what’s up in my life. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s free.

Why Is Twitter So Successful?

Twitter’s success is based on two principles important to social networking:

o Firstly, it is really easy to use and understand.

o Secondly, it takes only seconds to post or to read a micro-blog.

How You Can Double Your Income Using Twitter

You simply increase your number of Twitter Followers, build a relationship with them, then offer them something that they may well like.

Tweets (that is, messages sent to Followers on Twitter) are more eagerly read than mass-emails. So, there is a greater connection and a greater opportunity to monetize your list of Twitter Followers.

The Number One Key then is to dramatically increase your Twitter Followership.

The Steps to Increasing your Twitter Followership

Here are the steps to getting your list started…

o Open a Twitter account and post a photo as that is part of the fun of Twitter.

o Ask someone, by email or phone, to invite you or accept a Twitter invitation that arrives.

o Using Twitter’s search function, find friends of yours and invite them.

o Next, decide the type of Twitter Followers you would like to attract. Let me use an example. If you love scented candles (or wish to sell scented candles online through Twitter), then search for “candle” or “candles” or “scented candles” or “fragrance” or “relax” or whatever other key words you feel would find you the type of friend (or customer) you want.

o Each search will return to you a list of Twitter members. Read down the list and click the FOLLOW button for those whom you feel resonate with you. It’s totally your choice.

o Keep doing this and two things will happen.

o Firstly, you will be following lots of people.

o Secondly, some of them will eagerly follow you back.

o Thirdly, you will begin getting Tweets which you need to answer.

You are now beginning to have fun on Twitter. Congratulations. People will send you Tweets or DMs (Direct Messages). You need to reply. And, you need to initiate micro-blogs like the one I constructed earlier in this article.

Soon you will follow 2,000 other Twitterers. At this point, you may well have several hundred Followers. The difference is too large and Twitter will prevent you from following any more. With each day, more people will find and follow you so your ratio will improve. To follow more than 2,000 others on Twitter, you must keep your number of followers within about 10% of the number you follow. When you follow 2,000, you will need to wait till 1,800 follow you. But, there is a short-cut. Read on to the Second DO below.

Here Are the All-Important Twitter DO’s

The very first DO is: use your real name “Mary McGregor” so that others can find you. You may also use a nickname. I don’t.

The second DO has to do with speeding the process of getting more followers. Simply wait for several days after following someone and then delete them if they do not follow you back. How do you know? Just look at the list of those you follow. If you see a “DM” or “Direct Message” button, then they are following you. If it is blank, then they have not followed you. You may wish to go through that entire list and purge (or delete) anyone who has not followed you. Now, your ratio is in balance and you can go out inviting more and getting more followers.

The third DO is about keeping in touch. Each day, send a micro-blog of anything that is on your mind, a fun website you’ve found, etc.

The fourth DO is to reply to DMs sent to you.

The fifth DO (and you must wait till you have earned a relationship) is to offer something for sale, but in a conversational way. Here’s an example…

“WOW, I just found the world’s funniest video. I laughed like crazy. Check it out on my blog”

That just fits within the 140-character ceiling. If you’ve built good relationships and if the video is really funny and if the video is about scented candles in some way and if there is a compelling offer to buy scented candles on your blog website, then you will begin getting sales!

And the final DO is about publicizing your Twitter membership. Put on your business card and in your email signature and everywhere: “Follow me on”

And, Now For the Even More Important DON’Ts

Firstly, DON’T begin selling too soon.

Secondly, DON’T make your sell obvious. Make it conversational.

Thirdly, DON’T ignore DMs. They are what creates the social networking.

DON’T lose interest. Once you have created this network, you need to mother it to nurture it.

And, The Final Point…

Have fun. It’s easy. It’s fast. It really works.

And, you can get much more on Raymond’s proven success system in his bestselling hardcover book DOUBLE YOUR INCOME DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Claim yours right now at

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Twitter For Business – How to Sell Your Products and Services on Twitter

Twitter Is Like Online Dating

Many companies don’t know how to sell their products on Twitter. Other companies don’t even try since the Twitter experience just doesn’t make sense to them. But, it is not difficult to use Twitter to sell your products and services.

Selling on Twitter is similar to online dating. How does online dating work?

You post your profile and search out the profiles of the men or women you want to date.
You select the people who look or sound attractive, and email a message. But, that message is not “let’s hook up tonight.” It is a friendly message, and an introduction that may get you a response.

The same is true on Twitter. Twitter is a social meeting place. You can’t just set up a profile and start sending tweets (what the messages are called on Twitter) to “hook up and buy my stuff.” Yes, you need to show some restraint.

Here Is My Best Practices For Selling On Twitter

Step 1. Set up a blog

When you are planning to date, at some point your date is going to want to see where you live. It’s your home. It reflects on who you are as a person. You don’t take a date to your office–your cube is not that impressive.

Your blog is your online home. People who are interested in you on Twitter will want to see your blog, and not your company website. A website is a place of business. Twitter is social. A blog is social.

On Twitter, you invite followers into your online home or blog and then if things go well, they can buy from you at your blog or at your website.

Step 2. Show up

You have to show up. Simply, that means you have to make a profile on Twitter. Use your name or part of your name with your company name. The name is important. Don’t use a stupid name that means nothing or is too clever. A personal name is better than a business name. Twitter is social (yeah, I’m repeating myself).

Describe who are you and what do you do. Post a photo of yourself. No stupid photos. No avatars. Be real.

Your Twitter profile needs to link to your blog not your website. See step 1.

Now, check to make sure your profile fits and looks interesting. Sometimes you will find that it is too long or too short or you’ll find a few typos. Fix them.

Remember this about your profile: Your mother may or may not be on Twitter. But, one day, your boss will be on Twitter.

Step 3. Make connections by adding value

One great thing about Twitter is that when you tweet one person, that message is potentially being viewed by all your followers. Everyone on Twitter is a peeping Tom or peeping Mary. In many ways, Twitter is a voyeur’s paradise.

By adding value for one of your followers, you will get credit from everyone as being social and a good citizen on Twitter.

Now, to add value on Twitter you MUST do the following:

a. Post new content on your blog–regularly. Ideally, every day. This is only a hardship if you are not passionate and committed in your area of expertise.

b. Tweet about your new blog post and link it to your post. This lets your followers know you are going to add value.

c. Tweet people to help them in your area of “blog” expertise. This lets your followers know that you can help them.

d. Tweet people to help them in other areas that interest you. This lets people know you can be trusted. Everyone on Twitter knows that many people are trying to sell something on Twitter, and that is not an issue. It is an issue only if you are using Twitter just to sell. An analogy: Making friends only with people who can help you get what you want in life.

e. Tweet people just to be social, friendly and just be you. Twitter is a friendly, social meeting place.

Overall, follow a through e, and you are inviting people to come to your blog. The more you participate, the more people will be following you and the more people will be checking out your blog. Add Google analytics to your blog and you can see how many visitors you are getting daily by using Twitter.

Step 4: Build trust. Build the relationship.

You’ve made a connection. You’ve added value. People are visiting your blog. Now that they are in your home, where are you going to take this person?

When you tweet about a new blog entry, it is like a fortuitous meeting of a new neighbor. There’s not a lot of time for conversation. So you invite them to come by for coffee or tea. And when they come by, you take them into your kitchen. It’s a friendly, informal place. You don’t take them into your living room.

When you tweet about a new blog post, or tweet to help someone about an issue, you link them to a specific blog post URL. Do not link into your general blog URL. That blog post is tailored to add value for your followers and/or to help one follower. A specific blog post URL is friendly.

Now, if that person likes what that post says, and trusts you, you have created a relationship using Twitter. This person is now ready to see the rest of your online home and read your other blog posts.

Having a connection turn into a relationship can happen the first time that person views your post, or it may happen after a few more visits.

Fortunately, unlike dating, you CAN rush a Twitter relationship. Keep participating, keep tweeting and keep adding value. Maybe even consider a special promotion for your Twitter followers.

Step 5. Twitter. Where the sale happens. (apologies to the NBA)

Your blog should be set up so every time someone visits, they know where to go for more information or to buy. Sales happen at different times, but they do happen. A sale can take place on your blog or on your website. Just make sure that if you need to take visitors to your website for more info or to sell, to have that link visible and easy to find on your blog.


Twitter is a great meeting place where you can sell your products and services. To make a sale:

Step 1. Set up a blog
Step 2. Show up
Step 3. Make connections by adding value
Step 4: Build trust. Build the relationship.
Step 5. Twitter. Where the sale happens

Are you using Twitter the right way?

To get a Free e-pamphlet on “Twitter for Business: 101 Questions” please visit About Twitter.

Hi! My name is Mitchell Cogert. I am an experienced marketing consultant that helps companies use Twitter to meet their business objectives. I have worked with top marketing directors for over 25 years, and I know that a sensible approach is needed to social media and Twitter. I have spent the past year testing many tactics on Twitter, and I know that almost every business can use Twitter effectively and manage it without a lot of time invested (saving you money).

If you need to find out how to use Twitter the right way, please contact me on Twitter at twit_streams or by email at

For the latest news on how to use the power of Twitter for your business, go to Twitter For Business.

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Website Traffic In 4 Steps

In dancing they have the 2 step. I was never very good at that. What I am good at is the website traffic 4 step and you can be too!

Here are 4 steps that will bring you guaranteed traffic if you will follow them over and over.

1. Write a 400 word article around a targeted keyword phrase. Include that phrase in the title, opening paragraph, and closing paragraphs. The search engines love it when you do that.

You do not have to write a masterpiece to get a lot of benefits from it. If you can talk you can write. Just learn a few basic article writing strategies and you are on your way.

You should make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. Errors in an article reflect badly on you.

If you do not want to write you can hire a writer to do it for you. There are many freelance writers and companies you can order from.

2. Submit your article online to various article directories. For sure get it into the top article directories.You can also use an article submission service to reach numerous article directories with one click.

It is important to get your articles out there where people and the search engines can find them. The more eyeballs you have on your articles the more traffic you are going to get.

3. Add your article to your blog and social bookmark it. You should have a WordPress blog linked to your website. You may even have your blog as your main website.

After you have added your article you should bookmark it to the top social directories. Use a service such as OnlyWire to reach several at one time. They will put your article on Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and many more directories.

4. Use an article converter and create an article video. Anyone can get videos online with these. Article Video Robot even lets you create a video from your EzineArticles account with on click.

Once your article video is created you can submit it to YouTube and other shared video sites. Search engines like these videos and are ranking them just like a website, pdf file, report or article page.

As you can see you really can get a lot of mileage out of 1 article. The 4 steps do take some time to complete, but not as long as you might think.

Besides, what else do you have to do? You can only make changes to your website so often and then you need to get serious about traffic generation.

The more time you waste doing unproductive things the longer it will take to get website traffic coming to your site. You can get website traffic in 4 steps if you stick with it.

Article Source : Website Traffic In 4 Steps : ArticleBase

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Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his make money at home website for free JV With Jeff training, Hands Off Article Marketing, and starting your own make money online business. Visit it now to find one real way you can finally make money online!

The Basics of On Site SEO!

Recently I gave a relatively basic presentation about SEO, like a small Workshop! I had a massive amount of information to talk about, which would undoubtedly take up a massive amount of space on this blog. So instead of telling you about everything, I wanted to give you some relatively basic yet key and very important tips about optimizing your site. You might ask why I am giving you this information; after all you can hire an SEO to do all of this hard work!

Only thing is that this isn’t all that difficult, this is something that you can do! Save yourself some time and money by optimizing your homepage and see how easy you find it! I will say however that when it comes to more in depth SEO strategies you might need some help! If I Blog here again, I would be more than happy to give you some more advanced information. So let’s get started:

These are the most important factors for you to consider when it comes to SEO. Take note however these are NOT in order of importance, more like how they appear on the page! The reason that Hyperlinks and Alt Text are at the bottom is because they can appear anywhere. Generally speaking these top onsite factors are the best that you can make your site! So I will talk you through which each of these are, and how they should be done. I am going to use a site that I take responsibility for as an example:

Page Title:

This is the page title. It is the single most important attribute that Google pays a majority of attention to. It is a clear guideline to Google as to what your site represents and has a limit of 70 characters in length. If you overrun this your title will be displayed in Google with a (…) and the whole Title will not be displayed.

It is important to include your brand name as well, it has shown that your brand name and your selected key terms to target in use together, can help your site improve it’s rankings. Use the Page Title to incorporate the Terms that you want, but don’t go overboard, and try not to keyword stuff it!

The Meta Description is the part displayed just below the Title in Google’s results. There is very little if any SEO relevance with this, but you can be sure that it will damage your site if you stuff it with too many keywords. It is mainly for user usage, I would recommend using it to better describe your title and what your site does in more detail!

Try not to pay too much attention to the keywords tag. Google does not take any SEO benefit from this, but other search engines do use it slightly. Place between 10 -15 keywords that are relevant to your page here. Don’t go mad once again, this is a great way to get kicked out of Google or any other search engine if you place too many keywords here!


These headings are labeled H1 and H2, a very important factor in SEO. Use them to label your key terms in order of importance and obviously to label the next part of copy to come. All headings under the H1 (which is most important) should be labeled H2, H3, ETC. If you use all the relevant keywords you can improve your on page relevancy! To create a H1 tag in your code simple place:


around your desired heading text!

Body Content:

This part is the Body, the general content of your page! Make sure that your copy is readable and relevant to what your page offers. Use relevant keywords, but make sure you limit it to about 3 times in 250 words worth of copy. Don’t spam your page with the same piece of text! If you want you can use bullet points or make terms bold, so that they become more prominent, but once again try to keep this to a minimum.

Next up is the Hyper Links:

Hyper Links are the main structure of your Web Site. These are used by Search Engines to crawl through your site and find out where and what your pages are. The key thing to remember is not to spam your site with too many links. If you overload it as with anything else, you thin out your power and make the page look spammy. Make sure that you also use Correct Anchor text in you links, so that Search Engines know what pages they are crawling to. So for a “Caribbean holidays” page, make sure you use the anchor text “Caribbean holidays”. Try to make the link anchor text as relevant as possible!

Alt Text:

Alt Text and image names are very important if you want to try and use Google Universal. Using different tactics to gain traffic and a potential conversion is very important. Alt Text and image names should relate exactly to what the image is. This also gives you high keyword density and relevant information. Images show up in Google’s image search! This is a good tactic for you to include more relevant keyword terms on your page, it is also handy for the user as well, especially when they hover over the image.

Hopefully these tactics will help out with your site and it’s progression. What’s great about it is that these are all techniques that you can utilize to improve SEO on your site.

Mark C works with a Web Design company based in Worthing and is responsible for a Safari holidays tour operator!