Technology Services

The technology services are to help support your company’s technology initiatives, to better understand technology and how to use it within your organization.

We can act as an interim CTO, Certified Scrum Master, project manager, or perform technical due diligence to meet a company’s technical needs.

Intended Results
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  • Understand the technology that you are using and how to use it better
  • Learn how to save money with your current technology
  • Determine if the technology is architect and designed correctly
  • Make “Build” vs. “Buy” decisions
  • Create and establish software business models and revenue models for the technology
  • Identify the types of partnerships and programs to put into place for a successful software deployment
  • Implement the Agile/Scrum framework across your organization


We provide 2 programs that can support a company with their technology needs:

Program #1: Temporary CTO:

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  • We Coach You. We provide continuing technical counsel to the company.
  • We Connect You. We introduce you to other industry leaders for partnerships and business development in the Internet, mobile, social media, virtual worlds and gaming arena. We work with 3rd parties to ease the creation and implementation of all technical needs for the organization.
  • We Recommend for You. We create technical assessments, technical evaluations and architectural documents and reports.
  • We Facilitate for You. We simplify all the interactions between management and other professionals.
  • We Represent You. We create budgets and revenue models for the business plan. We prepare board documents and attend board meetings as needed. We help meet your strategic business objectives.


Clients sign a contract for a minimum period of time, for a flat fee per month, for a specific number of days per month, or for a specific number of hours per month. We do not work on a revenue share or commission basis.

Program #2: Technical Due Diligence:
We create technical assessments and technical evaluation reports for all technology platforms under consideration or already set up. Depending on the scale and complexity of your needs, clients pay a flat fee for a specific project.

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