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We enable you to be confident in managing the investment, risk and returns in your social media, mobile marketing and technology projects. We enable you to be confident in navigating the fundraising process for your company working with you to prepare your company by providing packaging services.

Below is a list of our services:
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We’ve helped clients deliver projects that:

  • Established a comprehensive VOD, gaming and mobile strategy using the latest digital technology and methods for a TV Show. Created all the revenue streams and business models for client to make sure that maximum profitability can be reached.
  • Raised $12MM funding for Mobile Ticketing Company by business development and event
  • Created technology partnerships for traditional record label to deliver their goods digitally. Created business package with new revenue streams to attract investors.
  • Increased record label’s mobile phone list by 50% by providing social media and mobile marketing strategy, analysis and written recommendations.


Our Engagement Criteria

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  • Most social media, mobile services and technology project engagements need a minimum of six months as we become an integral member of your team. Our process is challenging, time-consuming and our clients are excited about their results at the end of the program. We do not work on a revenue share or commission basis.
  • If you have a more short-term need, consider using us for an assessment, telephone class, or workshop. Naturally, our impact on your company is far more limited. It can often be a motivation to greater understanding and lay a foundation for further growth.

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If you are interested in learning more about our social media and mobile programs and business services and how they apply to your business.

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