Who We Work With

We work with various Creative Professionals, Investors, MidSize Companies and Large Corporations. These firms provide content, video services, music services, software applications and money to domestic and sometimes global businesses. They are successful people who want to grow their audience.  They are people who want to enter a new market and expand their current market.  They are people who would like to create more revenue streams and attract more money. They are people who want to use technology to be different and make a difference.

Are some of these statements true for you?

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  • You need to understand how new digital technologies apply to your company. You know all about Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and blogging but how do I set up all of these digital technologies? How does it apply to my business? Is there something better out there I can use? What about Virtual Worlds?
  • You need a bridge between technology and creative professionals. You know that your creative professionals can make extraordinary content, but need a deeper understanding of how digital technology can improve their business? You want to use the latest digital technology, but do not have the time or staff to do them effectively?
  • You need to understand how to make money using new digital technologies and methods. You are responsible for strategic initiatives which impacts company revenues. You want to deliver a successful digital strategy campaign using the latest digital technology. You want to be creative and meet your company’s objectives.
  • You need to bring content or products into a new market. You are responsible for getting several new distribution channels. How do you meet your digital business strategy goals in a cost-effective way? How do you use these digital channels to sell more content or products?


Clients are likely to be successful working with us if…

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  • You have high standards of excellence – Our clients cultivate an environment where they can excel. They do their best and be their best. They deal with everyone honestly and openly. They insist on integrity in everything they do. They treat people with respect.
  • You are creative & innovative – Our clients enjoy practical results but encourage creativity and innovation in the discovery, development, and implementation of their content or product. They are innovative in their thinking.
  • You are interested in making a contribution – Profits matter to our clients and so do people. They are committed to making a healthy profit while being of genuine service to people.
  • You are committed to success and fun – Our clients are committed to success and know results matter. They understand that quality of life and work are important. They create fun projects and environments for people to thrive in. They seek results through collaboration — with each other, their partners, and with their customers. They are willing to trust our expertise and take action on the recommendations we make.
  • You pursue growth and learning – Our Clients have a passion for lifelong learning. They believe in continual self-improvement and in developing their own leadership skills. They listen to and learn from everyone.
  • You are passionate and determined – Our Clients believe that nothing is impossible!


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Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the problems we help them solve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, learn more about How We Work >>.