[testimonial company=”Hype Hop Productions” author=”Carlos G, CEO/Producer”]”Ms Barbara Bickham is a woman who bring a total package to any project that she works on, She has a strong direct knowledge of the business from film and radio television as well as telecommuncation which is unmatched. In her ability to get the jobs done she is forth right and direct in her mission to provide the clients the best projected outcome of their project. It’s has be a honor and a pleasure to work with a woman of her skill level and qualities.”
[testimonial company=”Aeris.net ” author=”Mark Chiarelli, SVP, Networks”]
“Barbara is a visionary and a leader in mobile media and content. We have been shoulder to shoulder at industry meetings for years and she is one of the finest in the industry. She has consistently demonstrated her zeal for moving this technology forward and a willingness to work with others to make it happen”
[testimonial company=”Enterpret” author=”Tony Sailer, CEO”]
“Barbara was able to procure our first bulk distribution licensing agreement. She is always on the lookout for opportunities and creative alliances that might benefit our company. Barbara takes the time to build rapport, pays attention to your requirements and then determines how she might help you to meet your objectives. Thanks Barbara!”
[testimonial company=”Erie Horror Film Festival” author=”Greg Ropp”]
“Barbara is a very personable person who has provided our organization with the ability to allow text messaging at our main event this season. She was very knowledgeable about her services and patient with our questions and concerns. Barbara was also very open to suggestions and willing to work within our needs. I would highly recommend her to others and look forward to dealing with her next season and beyond.”
[testimonial company=”Resonnect” author=”Cynthia Trevino, Co-Founder, Marketer & Social Media Enthusiast”]
“Barbara Bickham has been a networking colleague of mine since 2003. She always finds opportunities to boost the profile of entrepreneurs, her friends and her colleagues. Barbara will be an asset to Crescent, as she has been to the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Los Angeles and many others in Southern California.”
[testimonial company=”CTIA working groups” author=”Tom Chatt”]
“Barbara and I worked together on several CTIA working groups, including the Internetworking group which I chaired. As with most industry standards groups, there is a small core group of “doers” who do the lion’s share of the work. Barbara was one of those who could always be counted on, and her contributions were invaluable to the success of the group”

[testimonial company=”RCI Gobal Partners LLC” author=”John Pepe”]
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Barbara for many years. We have worked on multiple projects for clients where she developed new insights and new business opportunities. She can quickly build relationships, manage partnerships, develop strategies, and execute on deliverables. She is extremely knowledgeable with the complexities in the digital media and technology space and processes superb business acumen, management, and fundraising skills. Barbara is a highly trusted and loyal individual who delivers. I look forward to working with her anytime the opportunity arises and highly recommend her in other ventures.”
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