How We Work

What is it like to work with TechGenii, Inc.?
Our company has changed over time to respond to the growing needs of our clients. Working with TechGenii, Inc. is like hiring a business strategist, digital and mobile strategist, technology strategist and business development company all at the same time. Our goal is to provide you with all the programs and strategies necessary, at one location, to create consistently effective results.

Expected Results

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  • You will understand digital. We evaluate your marketing and technology programs to see where you are spending your dollars. We then educate you on social media and mobile programs that can convert traditional marketing and advertising programs into digital programs. We also educate clients on new digital trends in mobile phones, social media, internet, gaming and virtual worlds that they can use to improve their bottom line. We also educate clients on the eco-friendly nature of digital services.

  • You get results. We collaborate with you to produce unique, innovative and creative digital, game, social media and mobile programs to insure that you meet your company’s strategic initiatives, get results, and increase company revenues and profitability.

  • You get a bridge between technology and creative people. We can serve in many technical roles, from CTO to technical assessments so you can understand what technology to apply to your projects, how to use it most effectively and how to make money using social media and mobile technology.

  • You get products and content to market. We can serve as your business development arm, working closely with you to gain new sales and distribution channels for your content or product.


Our Core Values

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  • Profitability is Not Optional. We know you have taken a great risk for your script, music, company or investment and you want to make a profit. Profits are not optional. We work closely with clients to do everything possible with our digital programs and digital strategies to increase their overall profitability.

  • We are passionate, determined, creative and fun. We bring our passion, fun, creativity and personal touch to everything project for every client that we serve. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to help inspire, invigorate and solve problems for them. We work hard for every client to help them meet their goals and make them a success.

  • We act within the highest integrity. We are always open and honest with our clients. If something is not working or will not work for our clients, we will tell them. We only recommend the best, do our best, and provide the best for our clients. We strive for excellence in everything that we do.

  • We pursue growth and learning. We have a passion for lifelong learning. We believe in continual self-improvement and in developing our own leadership skills. We listen to and learn from everyone.


Our Approach

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  • We appreciate the Entrepreneurial Spirit. We know you have taken a big risk to get big rewards. We listen to you and work with you to make your dreams become real. We know the challenges that you face and work with you to carry out the digital programs and digital strategies that best serve you, the client.

  • Our programs and strategies are flexible. Different clients have different needs at different times. Our digital programs and digital strategies have built in flexibility to insure maximum relevance and action for our clients. We design action plans that produce sustainable results.

  • We are creative and problem solvers. We work with creative people and are creative. We help you troubleshoot and solve problems to help us understand which digital programs and digital strategies best serve you. We provide practical digital programs and digital strategies to help solve your biggest challenges.

  • We are committed to having fun and getting results. We believe that you get better results when you are having fun. We do strategies that are creative, just like many of our clients. We believe that harnessing everyone’s creativity and passions in a collaborative way will produce extraordinary results our clients look for.

  • We teach our clients. We work with clients so they can start to build their knowledge to do our strategies in-house. We work on short-term or long-term projects to server as a company’s braintrust, working with their current staff to make them more effective on their jobs. If you lack the internal staff, we can also serve as an invaluable resource and help you start building your knowledge.


Our Uniqueness

What makes our company stand out is our expertise and connections in the digital industry. We’re consultants who work to improve our clients productivity, meet their strategic objectives and increase profitability, but it’s our knowledge, connections and dedication to our clients success that quickly impresses them. I have 25 years experience as a successful businessperson and entrepreneur. We have a hands-on collaborative approach that has worked for many of our clients. We bring an incredible amount of industry experience, technical knowledge and know-how, industry and investment contacts, and credibility that would take years and large expense to gain.

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Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us, our approach and our philosophy on working with clients, to learn more about the results we’ve helped clients achieve, please Review Our Case Studies >>