Tony Sailer, CEO, Enterpret

1. What is your role at Enterpret and what does your role entail?

Tony Sailer is the founder and CEO of Enterpret Communications. Enterpret Communications is a language translation mobile application.  He is responsible for the core architecture of the mobile translation application.  His role as CEO encompasses several different areas of the company including: product development and integration of new technologies; running the company day-to-day; and developing channel partners to secure enough capital for development and expansion.

2. What are some of the challenges the company faces?

Enterpret strives to create an outstanding product above and beyond the competition. They are building our brand and making the device manufacturer, wireless carrier and consumer, aware of us.  Enterpret is the #1 best-selling English to Spanish, Spanish to English mobile translation applications with one of our distribution channels.

One of the most significant challenges is keeping up with the demand to develop new language pairs for the application. Another challenge is porting, testing and certification across multiple mobile operating systems.  There are thousands of devices out there for the consumer to choose from, and the company focuses on creating the broadest consumer reach as possible.  Added challenges include finding the right distribution channels that allows sales process integration into our back end distribution and registration delivery mechanism, which provides a seamless end user experience.

3. Plans for Enterpret:

Enterpret has many lofty plans.  The company plans on more application improvements over the next few months.  A few of these improvements include an option for voice recognition and the ability to talk to a live translator from anywhere in the world on your mobile device. Another improvement is developing and selling more languages both as stand alone pairs and bundled as “Packs”. A European Pack is planned with English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.  Other regionally specific language Packs are in development.  The company is in discussions with a wireless carrier to be a feature bundled with their phone service.

Cheryl Chambers, CEO, Cream Factory Records

1. What is your role at Cream Factory and what does your role entail?
Cheryl Chambers is the CEO of Cream Factory Records.  Her primary role is to coordinate all business affairs and business development. Cream Factory’s focus is to develop its brand “Getting Good Music Heard” for market exposure through mobile distribution and to augment current industry resources to track sales.  “I bring my legal, technical experience and business resources to developing a technical solution in addition to viral marketing.” says Chambers.

2. What are some of the challenges the company faces?
Cream Factory as an independent music label faces the current challenges of the music industry: fewer brick & mortar sales, increased digital distribution, and shifting roles between labels and artists.  Cream Factory like all businesses must be strategic with its capital as it builds the business.

3. Plans for Cream Factory:
Cream Factory is a record label with the sensibility of a music publisher. The company is signing and producing artists under the Cream Factory label. The company is developing its website presence, mobile, digital, and brick & mortar distribution channels to be a destination for other indie artists to promote and sell their music.  Also, Cream Factory is an investment partner with a television programmer to simplify visual promotion of CD releases, video, and live performances. Lastly, Cream Factory is a film producer to create an opportunity for synchronization licenses through soundtrack placement.

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