Twitter For Business – How to Sell Your Products and Services on Twitter

Twitter Is Like Online Dating

Many companies don’t know how to sell their products on Twitter. Other companies don’t even try since the Twitter experience just doesn’t make sense to them. But, it is not difficult to use Twitter to sell your products and services.

Selling on Twitter is similar to online dating. How does online dating work?

You post your profile and search out the profiles of the men or women you want to date.
You select the people who look or sound attractive, and email a message. But, that message is not “let’s hook up tonight.” It is a friendly message, and an introduction that may get you a response.

The same is true on Twitter. Twitter is a social meeting place. You can’t just set up a profile and start sending tweets (what the messages are called on Twitter) to “hook up and buy my stuff.” Yes, you need to show some restraint.

Here Is My Best Practices For Selling On Twitter

Step 1. Set up a blog

When you are planning to date, at some point your date is going to want to see where you live. It’s your home. It reflects on who you are as a person. You don’t take a date to your office–your cube is not that impressive.

Your blog is your online home. People who are interested in you on Twitter will want to see your blog, and not your company website. A website is a place of business. Twitter is social. A blog is social.

On Twitter, you invite followers into your online home or blog and then if things go well, they can buy from you at your blog or at your website.

Step 2. Show up

You have to show up. Simply, that means you have to make a profile on Twitter. Use your name or part of your name with your company name. The name is important. Don’t use a stupid name that means nothing or is too clever. A personal name is better than a business name. Twitter is social (yeah, I’m repeating myself).

Describe who are you and what do you do. Post a photo of yourself. No stupid photos. No avatars. Be real.

Your Twitter profile needs to link to your blog not your website. See step 1.

Now, check to make sure your profile fits and looks interesting. Sometimes you will find that it is too long or too short or you’ll find a few typos. Fix them.

Remember this about your profile: Your mother may or may not be on Twitter. But, one day, your boss will be on Twitter.

Step 3. Make connections by adding value

One great thing about Twitter is that when you tweet one person, that message is potentially being viewed by all your followers. Everyone on Twitter is a peeping Tom or peeping Mary. In many ways, Twitter is a voyeur’s paradise.

By adding value for one of your followers, you will get credit from everyone as being social and a good citizen on Twitter.

Now, to add value on Twitter you MUST do the following:

a. Post new content on your blog–regularly. Ideally, every day. This is only a hardship if you are not passionate and committed in your area of expertise.

b. Tweet about your new blog post and link it to your post. This lets your followers know you are going to add value.

c. Tweet people to help them in your area of “blog” expertise. This lets your followers know that you can help them.

d. Tweet people to help them in other areas that interest you. This lets people know you can be trusted. Everyone on Twitter knows that many people are trying to sell something on Twitter, and that is not an issue. It is an issue only if you are using Twitter just to sell. An analogy: Making friends only with people who can help you get what you want in life.

e. Tweet people just to be social, friendly and just be you. Twitter is a friendly, social meeting place.

Overall, follow a through e, and you are inviting people to come to your blog. The more you participate, the more people will be following you and the more people will be checking out your blog. Add Google analytics to your blog and you can see how many visitors you are getting daily by using Twitter.

Step 4: Build trust. Build the relationship.

You’ve made a connection. You’ve added value. People are visiting your blog. Now that they are in your home, where are you going to take this person?

When you tweet about a new blog entry, it is like a fortuitous meeting of a new neighbor. There’s not a lot of time for conversation. So you invite them to come by for coffee or tea. And when they come by, you take them into your kitchen. It’s a friendly, informal place. You don’t take them into your living room.

When you tweet about a new blog post, or tweet to help someone about an issue, you link them to a specific blog post URL. Do not link into your general blog URL. That blog post is tailored to add value for your followers and/or to help one follower. A specific blog post URL is friendly.

Now, if that person likes what that post says, and trusts you, you have created a relationship using Twitter. This person is now ready to see the rest of your online home and read your other blog posts.

Having a connection turn into a relationship can happen the first time that person views your post, or it may happen after a few more visits.

Fortunately, unlike dating, you CAN rush a Twitter relationship. Keep participating, keep tweeting and keep adding value. Maybe even consider a special promotion for your Twitter followers.

Step 5. Twitter. Where the sale happens. (apologies to the NBA)

Your blog should be set up so every time someone visits, they know where to go for more information or to buy. Sales happen at different times, but they do happen. A sale can take place on your blog or on your website. Just make sure that if you need to take visitors to your website for more info or to sell, to have that link visible and easy to find on your blog.


Twitter is a great meeting place where you can sell your products and services. To make a sale:

Step 1. Set up a blog
Step 2. Show up
Step 3. Make connections by adding value
Step 4: Build trust. Build the relationship.
Step 5. Twitter. Where the sale happens

Are you using Twitter the right way?

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