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Many companies employ their own digital media specialists in positions that often combine technology and marketing to help establish the company’s public reputation. Creating a positive online presence is one of the primary goals of these kinds of digital jobs.

Marketing and communication agencies also have digital media teams that focus on developing marketing campaigns for various platforms, including web based and mobile media. Digital media agencies are becoming increasingly common and the number of available positions in this area of digital media is only bound to grow as digital technology continues to advance.

Traditional media is also beginning to expand into the digital world. Television and radio stations, book and newspaper publishers, magazine companies, and other forms of traditional print media organizations continue to expand their offerings into the digital realm, opening up even more digital jobs on the market.

The positions available in digital related media roles can range from the pure marketing or PR positions to the highly technical. Those that branch from traditional media can include podcasts, on demand television or videos, and online text. Digital specialists can also be responsible for interacting with the print or digital media audience in internet blogs, social media sites, and online forums.

As the internet and other digital technology continue to become such an integrated part of everyday life, most media jobs now entail at least some degree of digital activity, meaning that the trend in media positions is moving toward and integrated model, combining traditional and digital media activities.

Getting into digital media means that you have some work ahead of you. Recruiters usually look for candidates with a demonstrated interest in internet media and newer forms of technology. In order to make yourself as strong a candidate as possible for digital media jobs you should get involved in online activities as much as possible and hone your skills and knowledge of how all thinks digital work.

Learn the jargon of the digital world and study the methods used in the field. A four year degree in digital or media related subject is your best bet for landing a good position in the field after college. A media degree will also work, as more and more university and college programs are incorporating digital media into their curriculums.

Work experience within the field is another way in which to land a great position. Look for internships with companies that provide social media or internet marketing solutions. Get a position with a digital advertising agency or within a larger company’s digital department in order to gain much needed on the job experience.

Many digital media jobs are also geared toward those with an education and work history that is mixed. Many companies look for candidates with a strong understanding of business and technology. Getting a formal education that includes business administration or marketing, in addition to studying information technology, for example, can be an excellent foundation with which to obtain a digital role in the media industry.

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