Setting Up Marketing Plans

Setting Up Marketing Plans

At some point in your business you need to slow down and put a marketing plan in order. At the end of the year would be a good time to look back and reflect.

First ask yourself what worked for me in my business last year? See how you can improve this for next year.

Then ask yourself what didn’t work for me in my business? You always learn more from failures than from your success. Just take time to reflect on them and learn from your mistakes.

Did you planned out all of your marketing tactics? Make sure your honest with yourself. Sometime we go with things that are thrown at us at the time. Sometimes this works, but to plan things out works better.

In the last year what change did your business go though? How will this affect your business? This question is probably the most important. You can’t do the same thing you did last year if this year’s economy is different. You would have to change something.

You have to set a budget for your marketing plans in order. This will make you prioritize your priories. This will even tell you how much to spend. We have seen so many other businesses go under. This could very much happen to you.

Take the time to set your budget and marketing plans up. This will give you a head start for the new business year. Have your mind fresh.

James Hickey

Master Business Consultant

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