Internet Marketing FAQ 1 In Canton MA: Is Marketing Advertising

Top Marketing Question Number 1 That Business Owners Ask In Canton MA: Is Marketing Advertising?

QUESTION: Is marketing advertising?
ANSWER: No. marketing includes everything you do to attract buyers to come and buy from you. That includes the name of your company, the way you dress, your pricing, the way you answer a phone.

Advertising is only one part of your marketing: advertising is any action you take to broadcast your message, using newspapers, billboards, radio, telephone and people shouting on street corners.

ACTION: Now here’s a quick and easy action step you can have fun with right now. This minute. You’ll learn the difference between marketing and advertising. And you might get yourself a new customer:

Who’s your best customer? Whatever name came up just now is perfect. Now imagine she or he’s in front of you now, and you’re laughing at a joke they just told you. And you ask, gene, what do you like most about my service? I mean, ,Why did you buy from me? Price, quality, speed, reliability, something else? What comes up for Gene??

1- Choose a single quality that Gene told you, or the first one that comes up for you, or just choose one. and think of a bitesize special offer for that one quality. If its price, offer gene a special onetime discount. If its speed, offer a special onetime instant service. If its reliability offer a special onetime 101% guarantee.
2- Now imagine you go your way and the next day you call up Gene, and you say: Gene, I’ve been thinking about you, because you are one of my best customers. So I prepared a special offer designed just for you. It’s my once a year to Gene offer'” And Gene goes: WOW.
3- OK LETS RECAP: When you asked Gene why he bought from you– that was market research. When you made Gene a special offer that fit her reasons for buying from you and not someone else– that was marketing. When you called gene up and notified her you had a special just for her–that was advertising.

So now go ahead and do this with the Gene of your business.

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