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Well known dictionaries define website as a collection or page of numerous information, illustrations or photos, videos which usually are all available in 1 place. Each website has a particular domain by which it’s identified and a website is based on some server and has internet protocol address.

It’s by means of how you design your website and take advantage of the different services out there to you that will entice people to visit your website. The more folks enticed to visit your website, the more traffic you will generate to your site. You can attain your goal that is to let many people recognize about you and your brand name if website visitors or individuals remain longer on your website for a longer time frame.

Being a web designer it’s your responsibility to develop a nice-looking website in such a manner that website visitors will be enticed to go to your website and make a purchase of the particular products you are featuring. When you wish to boost traffic to your website and make the best website design there are some simple steps that you must learn.

Have a particular theme. In designing your website, you have to make sure that the look and feel of your website is interesting to people. You really need to have a particular theme in mind. Stick to your theme when you design your website or whenever you want to make any kind of alterations. Design your website in a way that it echos the business you are in and also your culture if you are a company or corporate business.

Do not put an excessive amount of information on your site. It’s ideal to put only things that are appropriate to your web site, allow your website stay highly detailed and clean. The overall theme of your website must connect and echo the kind of business that you have.

Make your website user-friendly. It’s a rule in web design that you have to let your site visitors know where they are and what they are engaging in. A user-friendly website can make it uncomplicated for customers to operate and use your website because they can simply move around the site and find the links quickly. You likewise have to keep the background of the website simple and business oriented. When there are things that you are talking about on your site, make it readable and easy to understand to ensure that customers or visitors will want to keep coming back to your website once again.

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  1. Well for me, to have a good and better web design, there's only one thing must be considered and that is to have a good management location of the navigation buttons and proper use of colors. Complementary colors are good in every web design.

  2. Thank you for this very informative post. This is really helpful and would really make designers enhance their capabilities in designing especially in navaigation. Keep it coming!

  3. Right now, web designers dig into minimal designs which is so popular because of its simple and clean look like facebook. I guess, most of the readers will rather look into a site that is clean and simple than a site that is very distracting colors, frustrating and the navigation is very confusing.

  4. There are multinational companies that spend thousands of dollars on usability testing and research, but for everyday business use can be achieved without the knowledge of experts in usability or without expensive equipment for testing. Web designers have a job even easier to do, just by reading articles of use can build up a pretty good knowledge about the basics of usability and how to implement them on a website.

  5. It would help to remember that web designs are all about the audience’s eyes. Once they see something that interests them – a good picture, a word – then you have them hooked. A single word or image wouldn’t help to keep them glued to your site, though.

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