Unique Ways to Market Your Small Local Business Online

While the huge corporations like to rely upon search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns to market their services online, it’s much different for small businesses. Since small businesses need to find local buyers, their marketing techniques can and should differ from those of fortune 500 companies. Utilizing unique local marketing techniques online will ensure that all marketing efforts are targeted to bring the best possible results. Take a look at these unique ways to advertise online that are incredibly inexpensive, yet effective.

A great way to reel in web traffic for your local business is to provide something of value for your geographical area specifically. For instance, if your company specialized in advertising in Indianapolis, you could think about starting a hyper-local blog for Indianapolis that would appeal to anyone who lives in or would be visiting that area.

For example, this blog could offer a variety of useful items to Indianapolis locals for free . This should be useful information that you might have at one point charged for. This is the bait. Once they see how helpful you are, all you’ll have to do is reel them in.

Some of the things your blog could offer might include activities to do in Indianapolis, coupons for local services, fundraisers or even maps showing local points of interest. All of these offerings would be beneficial to any Indianapolis native or visitor which means it would bring them to your blog. You could tie in information about your services of advertising in Indianapolis (or whatever service you provide) while still creating other kinds of value for your local neighborhood.

By providing useful information about your community on your local blog, you’ll be drawing in interested consumers from your local area who will be driven to your website. In addition to your local blog, remember also to register your business listing for free on Bing, Yahoo! and Google. This will help the local searches online to find your business easier. These marketing strategies are unique, yet effective. The fact of the matter is that marketing online is a fantastic way to get the word out about any small local business.

Eric Rea is an SEO Strategist for OrangeSoda.

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