Monetizing yourself in the internet industry

The internet has grown incredibly over the last 20 years. It’s grown so much, in fact, that it’s quite the rarity to find somebody who is not able to connect to the internet. The use of the internet is pretty much the norm- often times I’ll hop on a computer that doesn’t use internet and wonder what on earth I can do with it. The internet is just such a natural part of our lives that we don’t even realize that we aren’t connected all the time.

As such, its a definite need in many homes, businesses and schools. The economic impact of the technology has also rapidly grown and been a huge contributing factor in how many businesses operate. Many utilize social media, and many are strictly online businesses with no formal office. The Internet has opened up a myriad of opportunities for many individuals to create revenue streams. They use their skills and expertise to carve out custom niches in various fields to forge viable incomes. There are hundreds of successful Internet marketers and web-based entrepreneurs in affiliate marketing who have successfully found the formula to create a business that satisfies a need and that makes money for them in the process. They have learned how to monetize their skill set to deliver perpetual incomes. In other words… they get paid to play on the internet 🙂

Assessing the Viability of Using Your Skills

For a person to successfully monetize themselves and their skills, they need to first consider a couple of things:

* Is there a need for the skill set that you have? Will people be willing to pay for your services?
* Are you technologically adept enough to stay on top of Internet industry developments and changes? Are you willing to invest the time and money to continue to educate yourself as needed?
* Is your skill set timeless? In other words, will you be able to market those same skills in five, ten or even fifteen years, regardless of economic conditions or your market’s competition?

These are some important considerations, but should not be a deterrent for the individual who wants to monetize and market their skills to find monetary success.

1. Address a need, directly or indirectly, that satisfies a large audience. Don’t worry about high competition, as that can be a good thing- when you’re in a specialty niche you should expect some small but strong competition. Whether your skill is providing a service or information, find what it is that people want and will pay for, and focus on providing that for them. Heavily market to your specific demographics using social networking sites, free ad space, referral marketing, and any offline marketing, where applicable.
2. Create informational material to sell on your blog or website. It doesn’t matter what your service or product is, but creating informational products about it carves out a perpetual revenue stream. Develop eBooks, e-zines, booklets, CDs, and webinars that showcase your product. You can charge for this by using a flat rate or develop a monthly membership site where subscribers can access the information.
3. Embrace diversity in your business. This means to create multiple income streams through your skills set by offering several paths for you to reach customers. If you sell products dealing with holistic health and then blog about and write an eBook about holistic health then you can do the same thing for exercise equipment, vitamins, supplements, etc. Within the same theme of your entrepreneurial aspirations, there are more than two ways to create a viable income and monetize your skills in the process.

The internet is not a cut and dry place to put yourself out there and capitalize. You kind of have to follow a set structure to at least get somewhere- but once you get there, all results are not the same. Work quickly to keep up with new techniques and opportunities, and you’ll find yourself monetizing quite nicely.

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