7 Ways How You Can Help Your SEO to do a Better Job!

Running your own website is like having your own page in the local directory like the yellow pages. This gives you the chance to advertise yourself and your company to prospective customers. However you need to make sure that your site is targeting the right audience for you. Something that I would recommend to every site owner is that they need to conduct SEO on their site. This will almost certainly mean employing an SEO to do the work for you. Now things get a little complicated from here on out, so I will do my best to explain how best to run your SEO campaign in sync with an SEO company.

1. First and foremost, YOU have hired an SEO company, they are the specialists and generally speaking they do know what they are doing (always make sure that you do background checks – previous clients and results – any case studies?). So try not to tell them how they can do their job. However you are the client and some of the time you will be able to direct SEOs in the right direction.

2. Although we like to think we do, we don’t know your businesses as well as you do, so it does help to find our specifics. If you can demonstrate which of your products is the best seller, or which you make the highest profit on, then we have an idea of how to conduct our strategy.

3. Conversion is your main goal, but an SEO does like to build up traffic to your site. Don’t let this get under your skin too much, generally speaking an increased volume of traffic means that your site is performing well for more competitive terms. Although the terms that convert well will do best for your site, it is important to grow your whole website, and bigger “Glamour Terms” will help overall productivity.

4. Help your SEO with any news around your business area is important. The more information that you can feed to your SEO around your general business the more that they can capitalize on it.

5. Press releases, even if they are only in the tabloids, these are items that an SEO can work effectively with, it offers the ability to post your tabloid releases online and with greater exposure.

6. Any previous content that you have written about your company and not used in the web world. If there are white papers or product descriptions that you haven’t already published online then hand them over, this is gold dust. Top ten lists and your own expert reviews on your products are ideal. These all provide great linking opportunities, and the ability to learn more about your business.

7. Your profits. Now this is something you may be reserved about, but don’t be worried to show off. If your site is doing well then advertising your success, especially amongst any failing companies in your district could even make you news worthy online.


Mark heads up the SEO team for a Golf holidays tour operator.

3 thoughts on “7 Ways How You Can Help Your SEO to do a Better Job!

  1. On page optimisation alone in the short term isn't always going to be enough, however, what can help greatly is if you put in place and effective and thorough link building programmme. Page Rank value's should also be focused on throughout.

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