Best iPhone Apps for TV, Sports, Music and Business Lovers

If you love your iPhone, you’ll love it even more with these apps –they’re some of my favorites. I’ve divided it into sections for your easy reference.

For TV/Movie Lovers
Movies OneTap. Finds movies near you, gives showtimes, cast & summary info and lets you see previews.
iPhlix. If you’re a Netflix geek, you will love this app. It accesses your movie queue, lets you add and remove movies, and move the order they’re shipped to you. It also allows you to alert Netflix if a movie is lost in the mail or you’re having shipping troubles. It’s better than Netflix online.
Dish Network Remote Access. Browse the program guide, schedule DVR recordings and manage your DVR library as if you were at home. You’ll never miss your favorite shows or sporting events with this must-have application from DISH Network.

For Sports Lovers Follow scores and get detailed stats on every mbl game. You can also listen to the local radio broadcasts (local broadcaster included). Of course you can also watch games. Combine with DISH Network’s MLB Extra Innings and you’ll be in sports (baseball in particular) heave. You can enjoy every 2010 regular season out-of market game live. Also enjoy condensed games, searchable videos, clickable line scores, Baseball Channel & extended highlights. Geek out baseball fans!
Sportacular. If you’re big into sports this app lets you keep track of the teams and games you’re interested in without being glued to the TV.

For Music Lovers
Pandora. Go ahead and combine Pandora with your own library to listen to the exact music that you want to hear. Pandora suggests what you’ll like based on what you already listen to.
Shazam. This app allows you to discover the title, artist, and other details of music that you hear anywhere. If the iPhone microphone can pick up the song, shazam will spit out the details. Then you can pop on over & buy the song for your iTunes library.

For Business Geeks
CardSnap. I speak to 30 to 100 CEOs per week (often far more). I collect business cards. With CardSnap, just take a picture of each card and a few minutes later they show up in your contact list; amazing, powerful, and valuable.
Voice Memos. Great for recording yourself, lectures, webcasts and more (I put the phone near my mac), ideas, etc. Can email them as MP3s. It will become your backup brain.
Bump. Makes it quick and easy to trade contact info with other iPhone users. And it’s fun.

Your turn –we want to know – what are your favorite iPhone apps?

Eric Rea is an SEO Strategist with Orange Soda.