SEO, Social Media and Time!

As any SEO will know, each and every hour of the working day is precious; link building and on site optimization are important but time spent on them can be easily measured. Every SEO will have their own link building techniques, and on site optimization tactics, so they know how long will be spent on each one. This post is going to be about how much time is spent on different areas, based on quality of the work and how long it takes.

Above is a basic diagram that explains some of the basic principles of SEO; how much time is pent on them and what you gain from them. In order to fully understand what these are and how they work, I have listed below each of the examples in the above boxes and what reward each one has, and how they work!

Low Reward:

  • Articles – This is usually in a distribution website, you write an article and place two or three links within it, then submit to the distribution site. It then is cycled across many article directories and listed in each one. This is a fast way of gaining links, but without much power. Usually a good start for small new sites.
  • Directory Submissions – Exactly how it sounds, submitting your website to sites like Yahoo or DMOZ. It can be argued that there is high reward with this, but there is little correlation to show that multiple directory submissions will boost your site to number one in Google. However it doesn’t take very long, but could become quite expensive, you need to weigh up whether or not it is worth it.
  • Comment links – Not a favourite among white hat SEOs (not that there is such a thing), but these are very easy to find, simply dropping a link on a blog page to your site. Not very high reward, but very easy and easy to obtain 1000’s. However I would not recommend this, as it isn’t a “clean” way to build links to your site.
  • Blog posts – this is only assuming that you have a Blog on your website, but blogging is a sure fire way to get traffic to your site, target keyword terms and improve communication with your site visitors, possibly improving conversions. This can become a high reward tactic, but at the beginning it won’t do much for your site.

Medium Reward:

  • Guest Posting – Posting your blogs on another website with a link back to your own, can be very effective. This is a way of gaining high quality one way links to your site. This is much more powerful than the article route but will take more time, and you won’t obtain as many links.
  • On Site Optimization – Working on your site and optimizing for specific terms is going to be a win – win. Making your H tags and title tags just right along with copy and images, then tidying up your site code, can provide obvious ranking improvements. However this is an ongoing process that can take a very long time.
  • Competitor Diagnosis – checking the back links of your competitors can be extremely rewarding, every now and then you can find yourself a juicy link that your competitor has, that you can grab as well. This is quite a drawn out process, and competitor diagnosis could be run each and every month for potential new links.

High Reward:

  • Social Media Strategy – This is where things start to get long winded, building up a plan of action for your site. Entering into the social world needs to be planned out carefully, a strategy on which social sites to approach and what you are going to advertise. Communicating with people is a hard job especially if you say something wrong. However if you get this right, it can lead to great conversions and a good reputation in the future.
  • Link Bait – a whole post can be written on this, just like all the others. This can be a really hard aspect to get your head around, but is actually very simple. Building an article or infographic that has never been seen before is one way to start building a campaign. You need to create something that nobody else has and create buzz around it. A very lengthy process but a very good way of obtaining links!
  • Social Media Profiles – Building up all of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and others will be a good way of communicating with all of your potential customers. Showing people who you are and establishing a presence in the Social atmosphere gives your business the chance to impress in the retail world. Keeping up to date with any launches or changes to your business let’s people know you are active and caring. This can be an effective way of gathering powerful conversions, and returning customers. Also a lengthy and on going process.

Marcus is an SEO and works for a Caribbean holidays tour operator his main passion lies in talking about SEO and Social Media.

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  1. Nice article. SEO is certainly important as far as drawing more users to your site but you didn't address how to KEEP people on your site. What are some tips as to writing and arranging content in order to maximize the amount of time users spend on your site?

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