A Record Label

A new record label started and wanted to raise money. The company was new and did a traditional record label, creating only CDs, and music videos. They needed to create more revenues, strengthen their business model and have strong packaging for the investment community.

The company hired TechGenii to gain access to our industry contacts, connections and digital business strategy services. This produced a successful investor presentation. The company gained several strategic partnerships in the mobile and internet arena to deliver their digital video, full-songs, ringtones and wallpapers with their physical goods distribution. The company also created a better business case for an investor, by increasing the revenue streams from 2 – 3 to 10 or more. We packaged and critiqued the company on their investor presentation and made sure that their packaging was in order.

The results were we created a digital business strategy and produced successful partnerships for the company to deliver their goods digitally. We also packaged their company and created a strategy with them on the types of investors to approach.

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