A Music TV Show

A TV Show that wanted to use all the latest digital technologies and digital strategy to be the next generation American idol. The show was a mix between American Idol, Making the Band and Real World. The shows producer was a creative professional, but needed help with putting all the technical needs together. They also needed help in selecting digital technology and making money with their extra creative assets (ringtones, wallpapers, video,.).

TechGenii created an extensive digital strategy program, including:

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  • Analysis and goals setting for the exposure and revenue generation of the show
  • Analysis and Creation of video, music and text content for the mobile phone and internet
  • Creation of questions and creative for mobile voting and polling digital marketing campaigns
  • Created digital technology partnerships for Internet VOD
  • Worked with Internet gaming platform partner
  • Insuring the TV and mobile phone drove traffic to the website
  • Creating a merchandising plan to sell physical goods and digital goods from the website
  • Creating a penetration plan so the show could go global
  • Creating business models (subscription, VOD, pay-per-view, pay-per-download) to align with the revenue numbers.


The result was a comprehensive digital strategy for the client using the latest digital technology and methods. We also created all the revenue streams and business models for client to make sure that maximum profitability would be reached with the digital business strategy. The client was satisfied with all the strategic advice, business development, and revenue generation for the show.

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