Mobile Ticketing Platform

A new mobile ticketing platform came into the US from Australia. They had been in the US for about 6 months and wanted to get a larger penetration of their system in the US market.

The company hired TechGenii to gain access to our industry contacts and connections. This produced 2 successful deployments for the company that year. The first was their US launch at the Venice Contemporary Art Gallery. People signed up for the event on the website and entered their cell phone number. People were then sent a mobile phone alert with their mobile ticket and directions to the gallery. Over 150 people attended the event. Once people arrived, they scanned their ticket, gained entry into the event and could play a game to win a prize at the event. The second placement was at CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment in San Francisco. People were admitted to a VIP Nokia party with the mobile ticket and to the CITA show floor. Again, people signed up by a website and entered their cell phone number. They would receive a mobile phone alert containing their mobile ticket with directions on their cell phone. Once people arrived, they scanned their ticket to gain entry into the event.

The results were we produced successful placements at CTIA and Venice Contemporary. The Venice Contemporary placement gained a $12 million dollar round of funding the company had been seeking.

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