A Film Festival

The Non-Profit Film Festival wanted to do something different from all the other film festivals. They wanted to do a digital strategy that included video, but could not get a sponsor for that. We agreed to do mobile alerts and mobile voting and polling instead.

TechGenii performed mobile alerts and created a new festival category mobile fan favorite. The mobile phone alerts let mobile subscribers know the name and times of the films that played, the events at the festival, and let people know when the festival was coming. A mobile ”Fan Favorite” contest allowed fans to vote with their mobile phone for their favorite movie. The movie with the highest number of mobile votes got a prize. We worked with the festival’s webmaster and it took 6 weeks to do the website and digital marketing campaigns around the mobile phone alerts and voting.

The results were an 8% participation in the mobile phone campaign the first year. Created a mobile database to build on. Created a way to increase sponsorship dollars in future years, could build in the mobile alerts and mobile fan favorite as separate sponsorship packages.

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Errie Horror Fest Mobile Signup