Welles Wilder® debuts the WilderFX_EA FOREX Expert Advisor on Wilderforex.com and ThePCNLA.com

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 26, 2009  — Wilderforex.com, the official Welles Wilder FOREX website, and ThePCNLA.com, the official TechGenii, Inc. financial website, today launch the Welles Wilder® FOREX expert advisor WilderFX_EA.

“I am pleased and excited to announce the debut of my expert advisor.  I look forward to continue to create more experts for the FOREX market.  This is the only expert in the world that I have officially sanctioned and created.” says Welles Wilder.

The WilderFX_EA is the official Welles Wilder® expert advisor for the FOREX market.   The program uses the timeless trading strategies developed by Welles Wilder from his “New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems” book.  A team of software professionals and FOREX strategy experts collaborated with Welles Wilder® to develop and complete the program based on his strategies.

The WilderFX_EA allows FOREX users to setup their trades automatically. The program works with over 15 pairs, including EURUSD, EURJPY, NZDUSD, and USDCAD and over several time frames including H1 and H4. It is the only expert advisor that Welles Wilder® himself has sanctioned, approved and uses for FOREX trading. The program works with the FXCM MT4 powered by BT trading platform.

“We are excited to work with Welles Wilder to release his first FOREX automated trading robot. We look forward to working more closely with him on other FOREX robots using his timeless strategies.” says Barbara Bickham, President of ThePCNLA.com.

The WilderFX_EA can be purchased exclusively from Wilderforex.com and ThePCNLA.com. For more information or to buy the WilderFX_EA, visit http://www.Wilderforex.com or http://www.thepcnla.com.

About WilderForex.com.

Wilderforex.com is the official FOREX website of Welles Wilder®.  The Website contains FOREX market information, more on Welles Wilder® and is the official site of the WilderFX_EA.

Contact Information:

WilderForex.com: (323) 952-4093; trading@wilderforex.com / www.wilderforex.com

About ThePCNLA.com.

ThePCNLA.com is a division of TechGenii, Inc. Founded in 2008, ThePCNLA.com prepares companies to navigate the fundraising process by providing them business packaging, due diligence or business credit services. We also work with companies in the FOREX markets providing the WilderFX_EA, FOREX news, and other FOREX information.

Contact Information:

Barbara Bickham: (323) 544-1420; bbickham@boxbe.com / www.thepcnla.com.

All trademarks acknowledged.

NEWS SOURCE: TechGenii, Inc.

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