Saxon Mills Spy Thriller: TMGirls: The Oligarch Duplicity

A full year in the making, I am proud to present the trailer for my spy-thriller: TMGirls: The Oligarch Duplicity (

The title screens say it all:

  • Kathryn Bale is a famous reporter.
  • Secretly, her twin takes all the dangerous assignments.
  • Now, her twin has gone missing.

Set in locales in the United States and Europe we follow Kathryn’s exciting journey, which ultimately places her face-to-face with a crime boss in Minsk, known only as “The Oligarch.” The series, which starts September 1st, was shot almost entirely in Southern Connecticut, and has been filming since January. After you’ve seen the trailer, please consider sharing it with some people. And, if you know anyone you think might be interested in covering the show, please introduce us. Thanks for checking it out:

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