Social Media Study

Stratemerge is currently conducting a study to assess the viability
and monetization potential of social networks focusing on the
mainstream segment of consumers that represents 50% of US and EU
markets. This segment is categorized by consumer behavior rather than
age or gender. These are consumers who have been found to be
emotionally and financially compelled by simplicity and relevance in
technology they choose to buy. They view their mobile devices
primarily as a way to communicate and stay connected with their
relationships. They expect value and reliability in devices and
services that they purchases. Many of us fit perfectly into this
segment or at least know someone who does.

Many thanks to the many of you who have already responded to the
online survey portion of the study which can still be found here
The online survey will remain open for two more weeks. You are
welcome to take part of the online survey portion of the study. A
findings report will be made available to all participants in the
month of August 2008.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions. As always
those of you who are interested in sponsoring MobileMonday NY, or have
particular interest in this topic, please reach out to us directly.

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th.

Respectfully yours –
Lubna Dajani and David Harper
Founders, MobileMonday New York

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