Jim Kaskade, CEO, eyespot

1. What is your role at Eyespot and what does your role entail?

Jim Kaskade is the CEO of eyespot.  He runs the company day-to-day.  He is responsible for the company’s strategic business direction, development and fund-raising efforts.

2. What are some of the challenges that the company faces?

Eyespot.com is a web-based YouTube meets iMovie.  Users can watch videos on eyespot.com and their mobile phone, similar to YouTube.  Eyespot.com allows users to create videos with their web-based editing tools, like iMovie, and save them to view on eyespot.com and the mobile phone.  Eyespot allows users upload videos from their desktop or mobile phone, mix them into a currently existing video, add their own music and transitions, thus creating a new video. For content providers, eyespot can create contests around predefined video content, creating new content with all the editing features included. Eyespot allows brands to while label their applications so the content is “powered-by eyespot”.

“Advertising agencies, content owners, brands and publishers would like to provide interactive video, but they can not address the demand fast enough.” states Kaskade.  Evespot provides embedded video applications for client’s websites, and serves customer needs. They provide video players, video editors, audio editors, and the ability to publish content.  Two example clients are NBA.com and starwars.com.

Internet content is often difficult to monetize.  Eyespot revenue shares with content providers by using preroll and post-roll ads.  They also help content providers by collecting fragmented video content into channels.  Advertisers can place ads against these content channels.

With a wealth of tools, one of eyespot’s challenges is what types of customers to approach to help build their brand.  There are sites like Ning, Metacafe.com, Me.com which provides tools to create social networks.  There are affiliate channels like domain registries, ad networks, device manufactures, and social network application providers that could benefit from these tools. “These are the mid-tail customers that could most benefit from providing a suite of web based video tools to help distinguish themselves.” says Kaskade.

3. Future Plans for Eyespot:

Eyespot plans to roll out their next generation of video and audio editing tools in Q1 2008.  About 15% of the Final Cut Pro video editing abilities will be present in the product.  “This will serve about 80% of the people video editing with our tools”. says Kaskade. Eyespot plans storyboard and creation tool.  There are 1 million pieces of video, audio and still photo of rights cleared content on eyespot.com.  This can be used for contests, to mix with original video, or to create new videos with.  Eyespot can integrate their video player right into a website or blog, and all the editing tools are available for those users.

For more information on eyespot:  http://www.eyespot.com