Doug Pennington, Executive Director, Private Capital Network

1.    What is your role at the Private Capital Network?

My role as the Executive Director of Private Capital Network is to oversee all aspects of leading, developing, and managing an angel investor group.  Additionally, manage the growth of Southern California’s fastest growing angel network.

2.    What are some of the challenges that you face at PCN?

As the Executive Director of an angel investor group my challenges are:

a.    Find interesting companies in the early stage of the developmental cycle that might be of interest to the investment group.

b.    Assist those companies that are interested in presenting to the PCN members in the refinement of their presentations.  This usually mean advise the company management team as to what angel investors are interested in learning, how that information should be shown and in what order. 

c.    Coordinating our monthly meeting activities from the management of our meeting facility, to the successful execution of our agenda.

d.    Provide feedback to those presenting companies as to what our members thought about their presentations and the opportunity.  This feedback can be used by the presenting firms, to improve on their presentation and on how to make their offering more attractive to private investors.

3.    What are some future plans for the Private Capital Network?

We are interested in expanding our investor community to other cities around the nation. PCN already have investor groups meeting in both Orange and San Diego Counties.  The Orange county group has been meeting for almost one year.  The San Diego group has been meeting for two months. We will be opening an investor group in Los Angeles County in January 2008. We are in talks regarding the opening of an office in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dublin, Ireland.

Doug’s angel investment group is different because they also have presentations from foreign countries (Canada, Britain, Ireland) about their investment and business climate.

The PCN is progressive because of the educational opportunities for the members.  Members have an opportunity to learn about: Term Sheets, The Toronto Stock Exchange, and other Venture Capital Industry Trends.

4 presenting PCN companies were funded, including Leisure Holding and bCode.

If you would like more information on how to present, participate in deal flow or sponsor the Private Capital Network, please see the website: