Kristin Criss, President,

1. What is your role at

Kristin Criss is the President of  She oversees Operations, Support, Development, and Recruiting.

2. What Does do? is a private social network for the family.  It is an entire hosted family website that includes calendars, blogs, pictures, videos, character studio, mobile parts, e-mail, recipe center, and much more.  It is available for users 14 years and up. 

One value add in Famster is there is a dual layered password protection, so private information is not disclosed on the Internet.  The dual layered password protection is done on an individual level for each specific component and in a private or public area.  For example, if a user has a photo album, they can allow all of their family members access to it in a private area, or it can be placed in a public area.  They can also add a password to the specific album whether it is public or private.

The way in which people can see your Famster website is for the user to invite people to their Famster. 

3. Who is your competition? is geared towards families, not children.  It is a safe place for families on-line.  There are not many sites that do what we do.  A account allows families to enjoy the Internet, in a safe secure way.  Content that needs to be private, like pictures, calendars, family blogs, identity information (addresses, phone numbers), stays private.  The user chooses who sees what.

For example, the messaging client is secure.  Parent or administrator approves buddies, so the parent can moderate whom their child is chatting with.  This closes the door for online predators they can’t get in.

4. What are some of the barriers to entry or challenges for the company?

The only real barrier to entry is letting the public know about Famster.  “We are working hard to get the message out there is finally a safe, fun, free alternative for families.” states Criss. 

5. What is the Business Model? is free for end users. They are working towards an Ad Supported Model and looking into Acquisition and Private licensing as well.